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We have stood for medical excellence for 75 years. We are known for innovation and new developments in the field of orthopedics in particular.

We are also continuing to evolve in the field of nursing care: Our innovative care concepts allows us to offer more individualized care for our patients. 

Innovative communication tools, such as our patient portal and patient information system, also mark milestones in the European hospital landscape.

For guests, visitors and experts such as Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and Bodo Ramelow, the Minister President of Thuringia, this ability to innovate is considered an integral part of our DNA.

Digital greetings from Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn

“The new building, like so much of the Waldkliniken, no doubt serves as an example for Thuringia, Germany and Europe.”

In his video message to mark the inauguration of the new building, the Federal Minister of Health points out the new building along with the other innovations we are developing at the Waldkliniken – which will permanently change the hospital landscape in Thuringia, Germany and Europe.

Note: Jens Spahn speaks german in the video

German Center for Orthopedics

At the Waldkliniken Eisenberg you will be treated by experienced top physicians. Our maxim is to provide the highest level of quality in all areas. Distinctions received by well-known studies verify that we accomplish this year after year.

With evidence-based medicine under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Matziolis as a foundation, we achieve excellent results and thereby ensure satisfied patients.

Our low infection and complication rates, which are below the national average, are the best indicator of our quality and the safety of our patients.

Personal care

To feel comfortable in our clinic, you as a patient must have reliability. This is precisely why we created our innovative unit concept, which provides care tailored specifically to your needs.

At other clinics, you might have up to 15 different nursing staff caring for you during your stay; at the Waldkliniken Eisenberg, the average is only five.

That creates trust, understanding and safety on both sides.

How our unit concept works

Our innovative care system organized by units is based on the care concept of zone nursing. By having small, manageable, completely independent nursing zones and a cooperative partnership with physicians and therapists, we can provide optimal care and working conditions that are individually coordinated with the respective patient.

Our nursing staff take full responsibility for their unit patients. In doing so, they can achieve greater satisfaction – for patients and themselves.

Our aim is for you to have a familiar contact person anytime of the day or night. With our 3-shift system, this means that you will have a maximum of six nurses caring for you individually in one week. So our nursing professionals will know exactly how you are and how they can best help you.

Since we also have an exceptionally good nursing staff ratio (1:8 instead of the national average of 1:14) and have only registered nursing specialists, you will enjoy the ultimate in care at the Waldkliniken Eisenberg.

Patient Portal

With the WKE Patient Portal, we are taking the next step towards even better care. Set up your digital patient file now and take advantage of its many benefits.

Greater safety while receiving care, better information, faster and more individualized treatment – and all with the highest level of data security: The patient portal of the Waldkliniken Eisenberg gives you as a patient the ability to play an even more active role in your recovery.

With essential information, valuable tips and appointment reminders. Take the next step with us.

What is the WKE Patient Portal?

Germany has worked on the topic of digitization in medicine for almost 15 years – in a wide range of specialties and different configurations. 

The Waldkliniken Eisenberg was able to create a working "digital patient file” system in just nine months. Together with its project partners, they developed a cloud-based patient portal that give patients anytime access to anamnesis data, i.e. the patient's medical history, diagnostic documents and treatment plans

It makes care more personal, time-saving and precise by allowing patients to avoid duplicate examinations, filling out multiple forms and uncertainty about the next treatment steps. In summary: The Patient Portal makes life for the patient easier and better.

With interactive push messages, reminder messages, individual exercise plans, tips and contact options, patients will be more actively involved in their treatment – so they can work more purposefully on their recovery.

The name of our WKE Patient Portal is HELSI. And there are even more benefits in store for you as a patient! We are continuing to improve HELSI! See for yourself and sign up during your next visit to the Waldkliniken.

Benefits for patients and relatives

Benefits for you as a patient

For patients, the portal means more than convenience when making appointments; most of all, it means improved safety. With the portal, the patient’s medical history, medical documents and medication are available at all times – making it a safe and sound basis for further treatment.

At the heart of the digital WKE Patient Portal is the patient’s medical history, which is systematically recorded and continuously updated. This means that all relevant data are available to the patient and the treatment team – from the first anamnesis to the follow-up exam years after the stay.

  • Secure and one-time anamnesis
    Precise and meaningful data from the patient's medical history are entered by the patient or together with the patient during their first Waldkliniken Eisenberg appointment. 
  • Continuous updating after each appointment
    The data are jointly evaluated during the personal consultation and, if necessary and approved by you, transmitted to the relevant general practitioners and specialists.
  • All essential documents in one place
    The patient can find all the important documents such as the doctor's letter, medication plan, laboratory and radiology findings, in the portal.
  • Comprehensive information for everyone involved
    The patient can share this data with the treatment team via the patient portal and thereby keep everyone updated in real time.
  • Growing system for comprehensive and safe care
    The treatment team currently consists of a clinical, general practitioner and specialist physician. Once treatment begins, it will be expanded to include therapists from rehabilitation and care, pharmacy, etc.
  • Appointments and reminders on your cell phone
    Patients can view their appointments from the general practitioner/specialist and the clinic directly in their WKE Patient Portal. 
  • Comprehensive and personal communication
    Patients follow “activity plans” during their stay at the clinic, including a personal pre-op check, additional reminders before check-out and information on treatment.
  • Dialog and other functions
    The patient can contact the service team of the Waldkliniken Eisenberg, specialists or the general practitioner directly from the portal and make appointments, for example.

Benefits for your relatives

The patient portal also has key benefits for relatives: With the consent of the patients, they too can easily and conveniently access information, data and appointments in the patient portal online. 

And with the most up-to-date information, relatives can give the patient even better and more targeted support during recovery.

How to set up your profile

Short waiting times, customized treatments and all the information available quickly and safely: This is how patients imagine their stay in the clinic. To that end, we have developed an online tool that meets the need for information and security: the WKE Patient Portal. You are just a few steps away from even better care.

    With your consent, we will start the registration process and you can create your profile easily online.
    Go to www.wke-patientenportal.de. 
    Your personal password ensures only you have access to your profile.
    Complete your information with just a few clicks.
    Now you have all your information and appointments available at a glance and will receive important updates.


Who should I contact to create a profile in the WKE patient portal? 

During your stay, you can ask the Waldkliniken staff about accessing the patient portal – the nursing, doctors, admissions, boarding and outpatient departments can help you. Before your stay, you can obtain access through the Waldkliniken service center. 
To access the portal through general practitioners and specialists of the associated MVZ, special consent must be obtained.
Access can only be granted in the scope of planned or ongoing treatment.


Can I register if I’m not currently a patient? 

Access can only be granted in the scope of planned or ongoing treatment. Access without a current treatment context is planned but not yet available.


How does it benefit me as a patient?

After your stay, you will immediately have access to your doctor's letter including findings and medication plan. Any post-operative appointments are displayed with a reminder function. 


Is the patent portal only available at the Eisenberg Waldkliniken?

Currently, yes. But more clinics in Thuringia will join. Later, the patient portal will also be used nationwide.


Are all general practitioners connected?

No. To begin with, only the MVZ physicians of the Waldkliniken Eisenberg are connected. However, there are plans to include additional practices.


Can I also use the patient portal for treatment partners who are not connected with the system?

The patient portal provides a structure for your healthcare data. The information is available for you at all times and you can share it with “non-users”. For example, you can print out your medical history (anamnesis) and share it with your practitioner in a clearly legible form.


Is the medication plan included in the portal?

Yes. The medication plan, which will also be uniform throughout Germany in the future, is included.


Can I print out findings and results at home?



Does the patient portal comply with data protection regulations?

The WKE Patient Portal is based on a data protection concept that was coordinated and created with the Thuringian State Data Protection Authority. There is written verification of the procedure from the data protection authority. When you register with your personal information, you provide your consent in compliance with the data protection concept. 


Can I delete or block data?

Yes, you have sole and complete control over your data.


How long is data stored in the patient portal?

If there are no entries made or activity in the portal for four years, your account in the portal will be deleted (after several reminders).


When are the entries in the portal deleted?

You can delete the all of the data in the portal on your own; you will then delete the entire account and all data. Information that has already been sent to the treatment team (clinic or practice) will still be available in the respective information systems. If there is no login to the WKE patient portal for four years, the account will be automatically deleted by the system.


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